About Us

Next Generation Air Handling Systems

Our Philosophy and Values

Ingénia is a leading-edge technologies company that specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality air handling units, from fast delivery modular units to fully custom projects.

We have established ourselves as THE North American quality reference for all air handlers’ requirements, from traditional to fully integrated systems with controls and piping. Our fields of application cover health sciences (hospitals and research labs), pharmaceutical, education, food processing, office buildings, and industrial. We have also developed a strong expertise in niche applications such as museums and symphony halls.

In a field that demands engineering excellence and technical expertise, we are driven by a desire to raise the standards in everything we do. Ensuring our customers’ satisfaction remains our number one goal.

Innovation, excellence and commitment are the fundamentals of our success.

Our Factory

With the integration of manufacturing 4.0 digital technologies, Ingénia’s production lines are now fully automated to ensure repetitive and predictable accuracy. State-of-the-art sheet metal machine tools and robots are used to handle, shear, bend and powder coat all parts to perfection.

Ingénia’s team has streamlined the production cycle into a structured process whereby sales, engineering and manufacturing are totally integrated and fully automated.

Our Team

At Ingénia, we take great pride in the quality and knowledge of our team. Any project we take benefits from the support of our highly qualified sales representatives, engineers, designers and factory workers. Every detail of the project and every possible design is reviewed to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective system is achieved.

Whether your concern is energy efficiency, acoustics or limited access to jobsites, our specialists will work with you to develop the best solution possible.

Our History

Ingénia’s roots go back well over 50 years, when owner Joe Racanelli opened his first company in the sheet metal industry. Growing rapidly, in 1983 the group founded Racan Industries, which became a leader in the custom HVAC market. With such a strong reputation, merging and purchasing offers were frequent. The company was eventually sold to a multinational in 1999.

Looking for a new challenge, the group wanted to reinvent the HVAC market. The goal was to take advantage of the experience acquired over the years through extensive research and development in the HVAC market and bring it to another level. Profiting from a clean slate, innovation and automation became the basis of a venture called Ingénia Technologies.

The company lived up to its expectations and became a pioneer in the development of new and revolutionary concepts such as complete thermal break (no-through metal) cabinets, injected polyurethane foam insulation, bolted assembly technology and antimicrobial powder coating just to name a few.

Right from inception, the company benefited from the largest automated sheet metal line in the industry. Today, with the introduction of manufacturing 4.0 digital technologies, Ingénia has established itself as THE North American reference of quality in the HVAC market. Through innovation and technology, our passion is to empower our customers with the ability to create AHUs for their exact needs without compromising on quality. From modular to fully custom, all our products reflect the company core values that are innovation, excellence and commitment.