Politique renseignements personnels

Privacy Policy


The present PRIVACY POLICY> (Hereafter POLICY) is integrated and part of our Management of Personal Information in place with our Privacy Officer. The objective of this Policy is to inform you on the various measures implanted by INGÉNIA TECHNOLOGIES INC. (hereafter « INGÉNIA» - «WE »-« OUR »-« US »), to ensure your Privacy and Personal Information are protected.

When necessary to comply with OUR various legal obligations regarding employment, security, or any other reason, WE must collect your personal information. To ensure we respect your privacy and comply with the legislative and regulatory provisions in force, WE rigorously apply the principles of confidentiality management set out in our Policy.

PERSONAL INFORMATION For this Policy, personal information is defined as any information concerning an individual, which, taken individually or collectively, allows a person to be identified. An individual’s business contact information does not constitute personal information. Consequently, your name, title, professional address, and business email as well as your business telephone number are not subject to the protection of personal information. Finally, any user who connects to our in-house application is informed that his login information and connection data are registered and kept for security purposes and must consent to those terms prior to accessing our application.


As an Employer, INGENIA must collect your personal information for administrative management purposes including OUR tax obligations and mandatory government programs for employers, as well as INGENIA’s security and certifications.

To verify your qualifications and experience in relation to the position for which you are applying, we will ask you for references and permission to contact them. We may also, with your permission collect personal information from third parties or from accessible public records as permitted by law.

Circumstances, may, require that WE ask you for information pertaining to your origins and language. During your employment particularly, in the context of Supplemental Health Insurance Plan and Prescription Drug Insurance, WE will collect health and sensitive information which will be transmitted to our plan administrator. Finally, all requests for transmission of Personal Information to a third party, we must obtain your consent and authorization prior to the transmission.


WE limit OUR collection of personal information those essential and necessary in the performance of our management duties of your file as an employer, and the security needs of our web services as part of accessing our services. WE do not transfer your information to third parties unless we have your prior written consent.

Finally, when you contact us through our website at www.ingéniatechnologies.com, we ask you to provide, your first and last name, your telephone number and email address, as well as the subject matter for which you are contacting us. Insofar as the information provided is personal information, we inform you that it is collected for the sole purpose of responding to your inquiry, and this information is not registered or stoked on our servers.


To ensure the security of personal information and prevent:
  1. Accidental or unlawful destruction;
  2. Any accidental loss;
  3. Any unauthorized disclosure;
  4. Any unauthorized changes;
  5. Any unauthorized access;
  6. Any illegal processing.
WE have implemented the following measures:
  1. Restricted physical access to offices;
  2. Restricted and controlled access to IT equipment;
  3. Personnel processing personal information trained to do so;
  4. Mandatory signing of confidentiality agreement for agents, suppliers of goods and services and any stakeholders with access to personal information and requirement and undertaking from them to implement mirror and equivalent security and protection measures to protect our data.

INGÉNIA’s senior management appointed Julie Perrault as Privacy Officer, responsible for the internal management and oversight of the Privacy Management Program. In this role the Privacy Officer must approve and implement policies and procedures. It must also provide the necessary support for any questions, complaints, or requests regarding the protection of personal information at INGÉNIA.

If you believe that your personal information has been compromised, we invite you to contact us on our website, under Contact- PRIVACY OFFICER section.


This Policy may be amended as required by applicable law or INGÉNIA’s operations. Should the amendments involve significant changes to the policy, notices will be issued on the website informing of significant changes to the Policy. Otherwise, posting the REVISED POLICY on our website will constitute sufficient notice and the continuation of your activities by which you submit your personal information will be deemed consent to the changes made.

September 2023